Introduction to Complex Numbers: Understand the concept of imaginary numbers and how they are used in mathematics.

Quadratic Equations: Learn how to solve quadratic equations using different methods like factorization and completing the square.

Relations and Functions: Explore the relationship between sets of numbers and how they are represented graphically.

IMatrices: Study matrices as a way to organize data and perform operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication

IDeterminants: Understand the concept of determinants and their significance in solving systems of linear equations

Continuity and Differentiability: Dive into the concepts of continuity and differentiability in functions and their applications in calculus

Application of Derivatives: Explore how derivatives are used to find rates of change, optimization, and curve sketching.

Integration: Learn about the process of integration and its applications in finding areas, volumes, and solving differential equations.

Applications of Integrals: Discover how integrals are used in various real-life scenarios like finding the area under curves and calculating work done.

Differential Equations: Delve into the study of differential equations and their applications in modeling physical phenomena and solving real-world problems.